Taylored To Your Style

Regardless of the type of event you entrust me with, there are three complementary parts in the organisational process:
planning, design, co-ordination.

Planning: Vendors

Finding the right vendors for your event is always a challenge. Hiring an event planner will ease this process and will help you optimise the costs and save time and stress with the organisation.

Design: Styling your Event

You can bring more beauty and elegance to your event with an integrated event style. Be it a concept or a theme, cohesion is the key for a maximum visual effect.

Together we will take the final decisions on how your event will present, choosing from the right flowers and decorations to the most suitable attire.

Co-ordination: Day of Event

Throughout the day of the event, my role is to supervise that everything goes according to the established timeline.

From the setup of the venue, to the coordination of the vendors and later on to the assistance of the most important moments of the event, I will make sure things run as smooth as possible.

Taylored To Your Style